Battle Breeding


Skills like the Spring Nymph's Free Love allow breeding during battle once a day. However, there are some other limitations involved. A creature cannot do the following:

  • Breed with itself.
  • Have sex with creatures outside the skill description's classification. For example, Free Love can only mate with a creature classified as "Enemy" in its profile.
  • Mate with a gender not specified by the skill.
  • Breed more than once a day, unless their virginity is restored by the LESP Neko Alice.
  • Mate during practice.
  • Mate during boss battles.
  • Produce an egg if the owner does not have enough storage space.

And here are some things to keep in mind about the produced egg:

  • The produced egg will be affected by the quality of both its parents
  • Neither the target nor the user's style will affect the quality of the egg.
  • The type of egg you receive will match the species of the targetted creature.
  • You cannot use scents to influence the quality of the egg.
  • You will never receive a Mutant Soul Puppet this way.

In-battle breeding is affected by the Player Growth Attribute Breeder and related Credit Shop Key Items such as the White Berry CD .


Certain LESPs, such as Dragon Princess, will produce an egg during battle based on a random Kin instead of a species you are targeting. It would be wise to make sure you read how an LESP's Breeding skill actually works in its Skills tab.

Quicker Battle Breeding

For quicker Battle Breeding, you can use the Quick Action menu if you have Support Status to generate eggs from relevant LESPs. Here are some things to know about it:

  • Skills like the Neko Alice's Time Vorp skill can be used to reset the timers of creatures that just generated eggs by clicking the Reset Breeding Timer button that appears.
  • Certain restricted LESPs can not be affected by these commands, such as Neko Alice herself.
  • The simulation will breed your LESPs with Superb creatures in order to generate an egg.