Sexual Submissives


Certain Limited Edition Soul Puppets allow you to assign them to a master. This offers effective bonuses that stack together during breeding.

No particular action needs to be taken beyond assignment, and the combined bonuses should be viewable in the breeding shop when utilizing their master.

Please note that a maximum of 6 can be assigned to one master. So each indivual harem member's bonus is tiny alone, but substantial when combined with other slaves.


Bonuses vary based on a Submissive's species and Quality. For example, a Concubine Pooka decreases the chance of a breeding failure, which is handy for High Failure scents with a chance of granting Limited Edition Soul Puppets.

If a Submissive is superb, the master will receive its entire bonus, alongside the bonus of other slaves assigned, when breeding. Refer to the table below for exact percentages.

Quality Bonus Table
Poor 20% Average 40% Good 60% Great 80% Superb 100%

Unfaithful Submissives

Submissives that breed with someone other than their master will be disowned and must be reassigned in battle. The master, however, can breed with as many different creatures as he wishes and suffers no penalty from doing so.