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Latest News (scroll for more)

New Site Skin: Pumpkin Time - By Ignis

A new site skin called Pumpkin Time was added to the game. You can try it out under "Player>Account>Visual".
Posted On: 2018-10-22 10:52:32

New Site Skin: Digital Bones - By Ignis

A new site skin called Digital Bones was added to the game. You can try it out under "Player>Account>Visual".
Edited On: 2018-10-22 08:40:04

Website Skin System Added - By Ignis

You can now control how PN looks with new skin options under a new Player>Account menu called "Visual".

For now we have a new zombie skin and the closer to previous colors "Classic" skin. More to come later!

Also added a Neko Madness Skin.
Edited On: 2018-10-21 12:36:04

7 Deadly Sins Creatures - By Ignis

The collectable versions of these creatures were re-balanced with new skills.

If you made a custom with their old skills, those skills will no longer function.

You can edit your creature with unshaped flesh to fix this if it affects you.
Edited On: 2018-10-18 11:29:48

New Patreon Tier: Code Junkies - By Ignis

The Code Junkies Patreon tier makes a return, this time less of a hassle for me and with way better stuff for you guys.

Instead of 30 "OK" rewards a month, it's 4 "really good" rewards a month.

Halloween Tokens, Pumpkin Points, Loot Boxes, Credit, LESP Tokens and more valuables are all possible rewards in these new Gift Codes!

Since we're starting this tier late in the month, there's 3 Gift Codes on offer this week at the Pocket Nightmares Patreon. Keep in mind that the tier costs more now, 10 instead of 5, but I think the improved quality of the rewards makes up for that.
Posted On: 2018-10-17 19:48:36
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