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Latest News (scroll for more)

New Counter: Cannibalism - By Ignis

I decided cannibalism and feeding should be separate values. So you'll increase feeding when you increase cannibalism, but EXP Food eating won't increase cannibalism.

Everyone starts at 0 sadly. Sorry about that.

Pocket nightmare Evolving will now increase both values as well.

Posted On: 2019-06-16 09:03:40

Several New Rankings Added - By Ignis

New Rankings (And new Accolades along with them) were added for Bloodstain use, Eggs expelled, Eggs painted, Dismantling, Tattooing and Superb Grinding.

You can check this out under Community>Rankings.
Posted On: 2019-06-15 07:55:51

Player Accolades Added - By Ignis

You can now earn Accolades by appearing in the rankings. Said accolades will appear in your player profile.

Most rankings are limited to about 25 people for now to make these rewards more meaningful.

Posted On: 2019-06-14 19:34:39

New Book Related Rankings - By Ignis

There were new book related rankings added to the game under "Community>Rankings". These books require you viewing your own book at least once to add it. This is due to performance issues that would occur by daring to check something like 97,000 accounts in real time.
Edited On: 2019-06-14 13:47:16

Avatar Selection Page Update - By Ignis

The avatar selection page was updated with the following features:

Folders now have a preview of a random image on them.
Folders are divided into pages now.
Appearance cleanup.
Mobile Compatibility added.
Additionally "Assorted x" folders added.
Support for alternative colors under "Visual" added.

If your avatar disappeared after this update you'll need to re-select it again within this menu.

Edited On: 2019-06-13 15:31:42
Sexy webcomic by a very talented artist.