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Lemonade Scent Issue Again - By Ignis

Unfortunately the lemonade scents wont work right without a restructure of the unlocking system. I'm sorry for not planning this scent out better.

When I do that restructure someday, I'll update the scents (but post a suggestion first to see how people feel about changing it back).

For now, these scents will give you another random scent. Both combined is 50%.
Edited On: 2018-12-07 07:52:34

LESP Essence Grind - By Ignis

LESP Essence grinding no longer has a cumulative cost.

However, I am still not selling LESP Essence in the Credit Shop.

This change was reversed due to unpopularity.
Edited On: 2018-12-06 09:32:02

LESP Shop Update - By Ignis

LESP Shop Token prices were reduced to match the new value of Gold LESP Tokens.
Posted On: 2018-12-06 08:42:05

Creature Categories Explained - By Ignis

Creature categories better explained right here.
Posted On: 2018-12-06 08:19:02

LESP Token Updates - By Ignis

We're taking a step back from the gacha-like system we've had in place a couple of years and returning to what the game's original token chances once were. This will also help cut down on the number of "pay-for" currencies we have running.

This means I'll be increasing the overall value of Gold LESP Tokens, and limiting players to only those and silvers.

Here's how this will roll:
Gold LESP Tokens now have an even better than Emerald Chance of giving you something decent.

For every Emerald Token you had, you'll receive a Gold Token.
For every Sapphire Token you had, you'll receive 3 Gold Tokens.
or every Ruby Token you had, you'll receive 4 Gold Tokens.
For every Christmas Token you had, you'll receive a Gold Token.
For every Halloween Token you had, you'll receive a Gold Token.
Streetwalker Neko's LESP production chance was more than doubled.
Exotic Nagini's LESP production chance was increased.

Options Removed:
Emerald LESP Token Options no longer exist.
Sapphire LESP Token Options no longer exist.
Ruby LESP Token Options no longer exist.
Christmas LESP Token options no longer exist.
Halloween LESP Token options no longer exist.
Token chance is no longer viewable by the player base. Just creature rank.
You can no longer view Streetwalker Neko and Exotic Naga's LESP production chance.

Options Changed:
Christmas LESP Shop now uses Gold LESP Tokens.
Loyalty Point Shop Usage now uses Gold Token Chance.

Christmas LESP Tokens no longer being sold this month.
Default value of Gold Tokens will be 30 USD again.

Offer Changes:
Gold LESP Tokens sold instead of Christmas LESP Tokens. Cost 10 USD more.
Emerald LESP Tokens removed from Offer.
Sapphire LESP Tokens removed from Offer.
Ruby LESP Tokens removed from Offer.
X-Ray Glasses removed from Offer.
Halloween Token Shop Options combined into this December's, nearly doubling the amount of specific LESPs we have available this holiday season.

Important Note:
If you already bought credit, buying additional Tokens may seem odd to you, so here's a guide:

Jimmy bought 3 Christmas LESP Tokens for 30 USD.
Jimmy didn't spend those tokens, so they were converted to Gold Tokens.
Jimmy has more options with these tokens now and won't be confusing them for the temporary currency Mistletokens.
Jimmy decides he wants more Gold Tokens and sends another 20 USD.
Jimmy didn't read the credit purchase preview or assumed not seeing a token was a bug.
Jimmy was wrong, the price on this item changed. It is now 20 instead of 10.
If Jimmy wants more Tokens, he has to close the difference between the pricing.
Jimmy understands now and sends 30.
Jimmy gets a token because the total Jimmy sent this contribution period was 80. And 80 / 20 = 4.
Jimmy gets an extra Token.
Jimmy got a good deal at Puppet Nightmares after these changes.

Starting next month, Daily rewards will consist of 1 Silver LESP Token at the 15th day mark, and 1 Gold LESP Token at the final day.

Edited On: 2018-12-06 06:32:56
Sexy webcomic by a very talented artist.