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Player Type Choice - By Ignis

When starting the game (or, if you're an older player, when switching an episode) you'll be asked what you want most from this game.

This will help me better focus my advertising.
Posted On: 2018-12-13 17:35:40

E6 Moved Instead - By Ignis

After some additional Feedback, I have decided to move E0 instead. You now have to complete Episode 6 first, making it completely inaccessible to newbies.
Edited On: 2018-12-12 10:09:49

E0 Removed - By Ignis

After some Feedback from another developer I respect and examining the signup/player progress data, I have decided that Episode 0, its sidequests and "Pervert Editions" are no longer available.

Development (when it resumes) will be focused elsewhere. Thankfully it was at least handy for testing out and using my new conversation system, so it wasn't a total wash. The new system will be used to make the Pocket Nightmares Episode, and other future projects of mine, better.
Edited On: 2018-12-12 09:09:40

Grinding Back, with Changes - By Ignis

Since this was bugged and people complained about how it works anyway, we're doing two things:

1. You need a flat 4 essences to upgrade any LESP from Great to Superb, no exceptions.

2. I'm letting you UPGRADE a creature instead of creating one.

This means that level 99 rebirthed 20 times Great Neko Alice can become a level 99 rebirthed 20 times Superb Neko Alice

For me, this fixes some other issues, like people not bothering to unlock outfits because they don't want to level a non-superb LESP.

People that double dipped on the previous bug were set to negative essence. If you want this reversed, you need to mail me the link to the superb LESP you received. I will then match what you received to the grinding logs, downgrade it to a great, and remove the negative essence.

If you don't care and want to keep the LESPs you upgraded, that's fine, but it might be tough motivating yourself to get out of essence debt cuz that sounds like a hard carrot to chase to me.

If you want to use this modified essence option, you will need to access it in the Credit Shop under the upgrading creatures category.
Edited On: 2018-12-10 11:01:09

Grinding LESP Essence Disabled - By Ignis

Grinding for LESP Essence is disabled until its associated exploits are fixed.
Posted On: 2018-12-10 08:08:02
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