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Shamaness Harpy Added - By Ignis

Shamaness Harpy has been added to the game. This is an alternative form of the new Blood Queen LESP. Drink Winged kin blood to assume the form mid-battle.

Also, I decided you can now transform her from her status screen.

Posted On: 2018-10-17 15:45:14

Pumpkin Points Increased - By Ignis

I went ahead and increased the Pumpkin Point compensation amount 400.
Posted On: 2018-10-16 16:24:08

About Webcomics - By Ignis

So I'm looking to partner with webcomics that aren't so hugely successful they'd blow me off. If anyone knows of webcomics that have content they feel is relevant to this game, eg. dark, spooky, colorful, anime-like ect. Do me a favor and in-game mail me their links.

Various age restrictions a webcomic may or may not have are irrelevant.
Posted On: 2018-10-16 10:58:41

Pumpkin Points Erased - By Ignis

Pumpkin Points were erased due to a minor bug that shouldn't occur again. Since there's no way to rollback the amounts I just gave everyone 200 PP to compensate for it.

Just remember, however, that they -are- erased at the end of the month anyway, so don't sit on them.
Posted On: 2018-10-16 02:30:23

Privacy Policy Update - By Ignis

I made a few updates to our Privacy Policy: Our Privacy Policy.

What's changed?

  • We now ask if its OK to send you a welcome e-mail with your login details when you register.

  • We are no longer sending out LESP Token Gift Codes to accounts that don't validate their e-mails.

  • We now have a Cookie Policy notice when you arrive at the website.

  • We no longer collect unnecessary information when you make a purchase at PayPal (this was mostly to deter fraud, but it's not worth a possible EU law headache).

  • You can now request that only personal information of yours we keep, your e-mail, be removed from the website.

Posted On: 2018-10-09 10:07:58