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Latest News (scroll for more)

Item Update - By Ignis

Glacial Ice -> New Art.
Santa Workshop Ads -> New Art.
Velvet String -> Renamed to Velvet Scrap, New Art.
Old Golden Ribbon -> Renamed to Cigarette Box, New Art.
Coal -> New Art.
Reindeer Parts -> New Art.
Glowing Rock -> Renamed to Zip Tie, New Art.
Broken Heart Piece -> Renamed to Burnt Spoon, New Art.
Rubber Tube -> Renamed to Shedded Rubber, New Art.
Vampire Fang -> New Art.
Pixie Skull -> Little Devil Skull, New Art.
Jingly Bell -> New Art.
Fish Scale -> New Art.
Leather Strips -> Renamed Singuler "Strip", New Art.
Antennas -> Renamed Singular "Antenna", New Art.
Brass Ball -> Renamed plural, New Art.
Posted On: 2019-04-22 15:54:46

Scream'Ink Update - By Ignis

You can now buy normal Scream'Ink in Dimmley's Dumpster. Also, the Drop Rate of
Scream'Ink was doubled in dungeons.
Posted On: 2019-04-21 13:34:51

Yet Another EQ Update - By Ignis

Orion can now upgrade an equip you're using in the Building Shop (and it will be reassigned to the wearer after the upgrade).
Posted On: 2019-04-21 08:24:21

Another EQ Update - By Ignis

Orion's shop will now allow you to carry over Marble and Smithing bonuses into an equips upgraded version. Just choose "inherit" under a marble you want to keep.
Posted On: 2019-04-20 16:52:12

Massive Euipment Update READ - By Ignis

NOTE nothing I'm announcing here effects LESP Needed Equips like Chainsaw ect. However a few LESP equips were CHANGED ACCIDENTALLY. Only the particularly low level ones though.

All previously build only equips in Orion's Shop are now standard shop equips. AGAIN, NOT LESP needed ones.

All standard equips from EQ NPC shops can now be upgraded into more powerful versions in Orion's Shop.

All EQ Building Recipes were rebalanced in an automated fashion. Said recipes change sometimes when I'm adding new equips or items. They don't all make perfect sense, bUT, it is the closest we can do right now for a balanced EQ Building/Upgrading system.

A Orion Upgrade increases an Equips potential by 35%. The only attributes that will be increased are STR,MGC,DEX,RES,VIT,SPD,CR,BLK and Elements.

This new setup fixes a lot of problems the EQ building system has had for a long time and should be much more useful for newer and intermediate players here. Enjoy.

Sex limitations on many equips were removed.

Standard equips should have either a CR bonus, or an elemental bonus.
Edited On: 2019-04-21 06:11:53
Sexy webcomic by a very talented artist.