Corrupted Reaper Species


A likely intentional consequence of the Big Bad Wolf setting up a concentrated sloot cache in the Nocturnal Cemetery was the rise of these wanton dead, reanimated by spirits of lust and depravity.

Having grown bored of boning actual bones in the graveyard, these nympho necros now prowl Niflheim to harvest fresh playthings.

General Information

Weapon TypeScythe
"Stealable" Item Lost Bones
Kin Unliving
Category Corrupted Soul Puppet

Corrupted Soul Puppets are acquired from Breeding and Gift Boxes.

First Superb Racing available here.

Many new creatures offer enormous rewards if collected within 4 days of their release. Visit Information>Release Map for more details.

Attribute Information

HP260 EP140 STR120 VIT60
BTC WHT100 GenderF StyleNeeds a Bath +30
fire0 % water0 % light-30 % dark30 %
earth0 % wind0 %