Death Mite Species


This charming little booger will not only end you with its deadly venom, but also its adorable stare.

It's really nothing personal when it kills you, it just can't help its own murderous nature.

Enjoys hunting in painfully dry areas.

Suggested by Xavius.

General Information

Weapon TypeUnavailable
"Stealable" Item Choco Mite
Form Poison
Category Pocket Nightmare

Part of the Pocket Nightmares Expansion, Pocket Nightmares can be caught in the wild with help of varying types of Nifleballs.

A Gamer Succubus acquired from Support Rewards, or a Trainer Succubus, acquired from the Pocket Nightmare Expansion, is necessary to capture these creature.

Many new creatures offer enormous rewards if collected within 4 days of their release. Visit Information>Release Map for more details.

Attribute Information

HP260 EP140 STR90 VIT80
BTC WHT100 GenderN StyleHideous
fire0 % water0 % light0 % dark0 %
earth0 % wind0 %