Pocket Nightmares Expansion Details


What is it Exactly?

Fully unlocked by owning a Training Badger and owning either Gamer Succubus or Trainer Succubus, the Pocket Nightmares Expansion offers access to even more cute and bizarre collectable creatures in the game, a bit of extra side story and new gameplay mechanics.

Please note that GS means Gamer Succubus, TR means Trainer Succubus and TB means Training Badger in the following list:

  • General access to Pocket Nightmares themselves. Requires GS or TR.
  • New mechanics Pocket Nightmare Evolution mechanic. Requires GS or TR.
  • Catching new Pocket Nightmares with Nifleballs. New ones added each month! Requires GS or TR.
  • Access to Eva's Balls R' Us shop in Onyx City 2. Requires TB.
  • A new "Camp>Quick Action" called "Toss Nifleballs". Requires TB
  • Consistently updated exclusive story episode using the improved conversation system. Requires TB

How Long Is it Available?

There are currently no plans to ever end this offer.

Can I get It Free?

Yes, the necessary Key Item Training Badger can be purchased for saved up credit right here.

After buying it, go to the Story Episode "I Wanna Be a Trainer" to acquire a free Trainer Succubus.

If you're impatient, the Training Badger can also be acquired from Support Rewards right here.

Please note that Gamer Succubus is unobtainable outside of Support Rewards, but isn't necessary to enjoy the expansion.

Where Can I Claim Support Rewards?

You can claim these rewards, and view others available, at "Player>Rewards>Support".

How Do I Use Her Abilities?

Gamer Succubus and Trainer Succubus each produce Nifleballs with the "Camp>Creatures" Produce button once a day.