Gloomy Critzy Species

An icy being that thrives only in the coldest areas of Niflheim. Just the slightest touch of its powerful, sub zero tendrils can freeze foes in place. Super rare Gloomy variant!

General Information

Weapon TypeUnavailable
"Stealable" Item Creamy Critzy Puffs
Form Ice
Category Pocket Nightmare

Part of the Pocket Nightmares Expansion, Pocket Nightmares can be caught in the wild with help of varying types of Nifleballs.

A Gamer Succubus acquired from Support Rewards, or a Trainer Succubus, acquired from the Pocket Nightmare Expansion, is necessary to capture these creature.

Attribute Information

HP220 EP180 STR60 VIT60
MGC90 RES100 DEX60 SPD90
BTM WHT100 GenderN Style Hidden ?
fire0 % water0 % light0 % dark0 %
earth0 % wind0 %