Survival Tips

Survival Tip # 1 - Upgrade Equipment

Be sure to upgrade to new equipment as soon as your Soul Puppets can wear it. Equipment is your edge in battle against otherwise equally powerful enemies.

Survival Tip # 2 - Understand Skill Ranges

Those squares are more than just pretty pictures! Learn how skill ranges work and destroy the enemies with your Soul Puppets skills. You can learn about these here.

Survival Tip # 3 - Teach Your Soul Puppets Their Skills

Fewer options means less power. Learn new skills from shops like Keli's and smash your enemies to bits. You can understand how to learn skills by going here.

Survival Tip # 4 - Reposition Your Team When Needed!

Getting hammered by a specific skill in battle over and over? Spend a turn repositioning your team mid-battle. It may save your Soul Puppets' bacon!

Survival Tip # 5 - Either Get a Healer, or Buy Items!

Items can't miss and healers are always there for you (unless dead! See tips 1-4). So make sure you have one option or the other at your disposal before going into tough battles.

Survival Tip # 6 - Buy Spirit When You're Low On It!

Quite possibly the most important tip of all! Buy spirit when you get low from the Credit Shop here with credit you earned by playing or donating.

Survival Tip # 7 - Take Advantage of a Boss' Weakness!

Having trouble with a boss? Click their names above their sprites during battle and examine their attributes, sickness resistances and elemental affinities.

Some bosses are simple to figure out, while others require you to think outside the box a little. If all else fails, however, try leveling up high quality Soul Puppets, stealing new skills, building more powerful equipment, or a combination of all three.

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