Swapping Allies

How To Do It

After you reach the end of Episode 1 you will be able to start swapping creatures in and out of your party by using the button next to your creatures.


Being able to swap different allies into battle definitely offers you a strategic advantage, but another benefit is that it will increase a swapped in creature's level to match the average level of its new party. Lastly, swapping a creature in does not cost you a battle turn like changing formation does, so have fun experimenting!


  • A creature's level will not be increased beyond level 40 when it is swapped in.
  • You can only swap a creature into a particular party position once per battle.
  • You cannot swap out dead allies.
  • Swapped in rebirthed allies will not be level boosted.
  • You cannot swap allies during PVP or Player Hunting.
  • When cannibalized in Le Chef's Shop, levels gained from swapping in a creature will not be used in the EXP transfer calculation.