Adventuring Rewards

Improving Rewards

The overall quality of your reward is determined by your team's effectiveness in a particular dungeon, here-on-in referred to as TE, and your associated Player Growth Attributes.

Reward List

You can receive the following types of rewards by adventuring:

  • Coins - Improved by the Bankroller Player Growth Attribute.
  • EXP - Improved by the Student Player Growth Attribute.
  • Items & Ores - Improved by the Harvester Player Growth Attribute.
  • An Equip - Improved by the Armsman Player Growth Attribute.
  • An Egg - Improved by the Hunter Player Growth Attribute.
  • Credit - No Player Growth Attributes will improve the amount of Credit you will get.
  • A Marble - Improved by the Enchanter Player Growth Attribute.

Like usual, all Player Growth Attributes are boosted by their related Credit Shop Key Iems.

Team Effectiveness

Here is a list of what determines your party's TE and by how much:

  • Team levels matched or greater compared to the dungeon's enemies: +30%
  • A balanced team with unique battle types: +20%
  • All level 1-5 skills known by the team: +20%
  • All wearing equipment (levels do not matter, also, creature's with the "None" weapon type require no weapon): +10%
  • All team members are resistant to a dungeon's sickness (if the dungeon has none the bonus is automatically applied): +5%
  • All team members are resistant to a dungeon's element (if the dungeon has none the bonus is automatically applied): +5%

    The following will not help your team meet this requirement:
    • Formation Bonuses
    • Skill Bonuses
    • Discipline Bonuses
  • All team members have a full set of tattoos (ruined ones do not help): +5%
  • A discipline is in use by each team member: +5%

Please note that 100% TE does not guarantee you a reward.

Scoping Out Rewards

Additional information regarding what rewards you will acquire from adventuring are available to owners of the Credit Shop Key Item Batnoculars .

Dungeon Access

Without the Credit Shop Key Item Adventurer Map you will be limited to dungeons you currently have access to when adventuring.

Being Hunted

While your creatures are adventuring, other players will be able to hunt them. If your adventuring team wins while they are under attack, they will receive a small 5% boost to their TE. If they fail, they will suffer no penalty at all. Please note that the maximum amount of TE an adventuring party can build up when they are under attack is 20%.

You can improve your party's ability to defend itself by increasing the Player Growth Attribute Adventurer .

You can read more about player hunting right here.

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