Scents and Support Characters

Perfumes and Colognes

Colognes and Perfumes enhance your creature's attractiveness and/or their ability to produce higher quality eggs. They are each limited to a specific sex, but their quality enhancing effects will stack with each other to grant you a higher chance of receiving Superb Eggs. The effects of these items will vary from scent to scent.

Support Characters

Certain LESPs, like the Valkyrie of Passion, can be used as a third scent in the Breeding Shop, increasing your bonuses during breeding even further. Typically, this will be similar to the perfume or cologne the LESP happens to produce.

Support Character Benefits

A Support Breeder's benefits are determined by the creature's quality alone. So it is always worthwhile to use one as long as you desire its bonuses.

Effect Explanations

Here is a brief overview of what each 'scent/supporter' effect does:

  • Attraction: The amount of attraction added or reduced for the creature.
  • Superb Chance: Flat superb chance boost. Also increases the likelihood of other higher qualities.
  • Immunodeficiency: A higher number increases the likelihood of STDs. A lower number decreases the likelihood of STDs.
  • Breeding Limit Skip: A chance of skipping a use of your breeding limit after the shop breeding is over.
  • Defect Chance: A boost to the likelihood of a Genetic Mutation occurring during breeding.
  • Failure Chance: The likelihood of a creature failing during breeding, ruining everything and wasting his/her breeding timer.


Supporter Personal Bonuses
  • supporter_quality_attraction_bonus = 0 (Disabled)
  • supporter_quality_bonus = (supporter_quality * .20)
  • combined_bonus = (supporter_quality_attraction_bonus + supporter_quality_bonus)
(When Available) Scent Bonuses Applied to One Playmate
  • superb_chance_boost = (superb_chance_boost * combined_bonus)
  • defect_boost = (defect_boost * combined_bonus)
  • breeding_limit_skip = (breeding_limit_skip * combined_bonus)
(When Available) Scent Bonuses Applied to Both Playmates
  • failure_chance = (failure_chance * combined_bonus)
  • style_boost = (style_boost * combined_bonus)
  • immunodeficiency_boost = (immunodeficiency_boost * combined_bonus)


Using a Breeding Supporter will not use up a scent. It will, however, use up that creature's breeding timer.