Breeding Shop


The Breeding Shop is a play zone for your Soul Puppets to create different types of eggs for you. Please note that each type of egg requires a unique combination of parents, with the exception of random egg breeding.


The first and only shop you can begin breeding is Freya's Bordello within Onyx City in Episode 2 and later.

Who Can Mate?

Creatures you wish to mate together must meet the following criteria:

  • They must be hatched from their eggs.
  • They must not have mated in the past 22 hours.

Breeding Limit

You are limited to breeding 10 times each day in the Breeding Shop. This can be reset once a day in the Credit Shop right here.

Locked Eggs

As usual, you cannot access eggs that you have not yet unlocked. You will receive a failure message if you try to do so.

Hidden Combinations

There are particular breeding combinations that, when used, guarantee you a particular species of egg. An exception is made if you use scents that add random eggs to the pool of possibilities. However, your first time discovering a new egg combination will ignore the chance of anything random, Genetic Mutations included.

These are tracked in your Compendium of Love. You will receive a notice during the breeding sequence that a new entry has been unlocked.


Users have the option of hiring leased creatures for playtime with their creatures. The benefits of this system are as follows:

  • If you are the one Pimping, you can receive coin or credit when your creature is hired. Please note however that Pimping for credit requires Support Status.
  • If you are the one hiring, you need only worry about the PVs the playmate may have. Shop PVs are nullified during these arrangements.

The downsides are as follows:

  • If you are the one Pimping, the creature's breeding timer will be used for the day when it is hired. Also, your creature may contract an PV from other players' creatures.
  • If you are the one hiring, you have no control whatsoever over the other person's creature aside from scent usage. It will also cost you the needed currency.

You will receive a mail whenever you successfully lease a creature. You can disable these notices by using the "Player>Account>Game Options>Pimping Notices>Turn it Off" button.

Other Information

There is much more to learn regarding breeding in this shop as well as in other ways, such as Battle Breeding. Go here to learn even more.