Getting Started

Starting Soul Puppets

You are given access to 4 different types of creatures when you begin the game, though you only start the game with 3. Though there are many other types you can unlock for yourself, the following is some information on the ones you can use already:

Succubus Cyclops Leshen Sylph
Succubu's Image Cyclop's Image Leshen's Image Sylph's Image
A Ranged Battle Type Soul Puppet, a powerful ally against slow moving enemies. A Close-Ranged Battle Type Soul Puppet, makes a great meat shield early in the game. A Special Battle Type Soul Puppet, great for healing and empowering allies. A Close-Ranged Battle Type Soul Puppet, capable of dodging many blows.

You begin the game with only a Cyclops, a Succubus, and a Sylph. If you would like to have a Leshen, you may be able to purchase an egg from Whiley, here. Please note that his stock is generated every 30 minutes, so check back later if one isn't available yet.

Account Limitations

Every user has limitations placed on their account. For example, you are only allowed to have up to 0 creatures in your account. If you receive one more above that value, you will be asked to make room for it or sell it for coins. The following is your account's current limitations:

Creatures 0 Slots The amount of eggs and Soul Puppets combined that you can carry.
Equipment 0 Slots The amount of different equips you may carry. Please note that equipping one on a creature will not decrease your total.
Items 0 Slots The total number of item types you can carry.
Marbles 0 Slots The total number of marbles you can carry. These are used during equipment building.

You can expand this limit by spending credit at the Credit Shop, which is earned by playing regularly, helping out with the site or by purchasing credit. You can read about all the different ways you can get credit right here.

Tips & Tricks

The following is a list of general tips that will help you in the game:

  • Stuck in the story? Talk to NPCs!
  • Not sure what an icon spirit means? Just hover over it with your mouse in most cases.
  • Something not explained well or experiencing a problem? Let Ignis know at the Help>Report a Problem!
  • Have a reasonable suggestion? Put it up for vote at the Suggestion Board!
  • Want to make some friends? Visit our chat!

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