Adventuring Introduction


Parties that are not in use can be sent on an adventure by themselves. However, they will be unusable in normal battles until either their adventure is complete or you destroy the party.

How to Begin

Go to your "Camp>Parties" screen and make sure you have an extra party created. When you do, click the adventuring image above the creatures' names to get started.

Canceling an Adventure

Either break a party or click the adventuring image to cancel an adventure.

Wait Time

All adventures have a 22 hour wait. So you won't be able to find out until later how well your team did!

Completing an Adventure

After your party's adventure timer has expired, just click the adventuring image to complete its adventure and get your reward (if any). You can read about how adventuring rewards are determined right here.

Repeating an Adventure

Provided you don't already have a different party adventuring at a given dungeon, you can press this button to repeat a party's previous adventure.


Adventuring parties have the following limitations:

  • They cannot participate in normal story or dungeon battles.
  • Their party members cannot be changed without destroying the party and canceling the adventure.
  • You cannot send more than one party to each area at a given time.


  • Will my creatures receive experience from adventuring? Only if you select EXP as a reward.
  • Can I still feed creatures that are adventuring? Yes.
  • Can I still breed creatures that are adventuring? Yes, if they are non-battle breeders.
  • Will I receive any rewards at all if I end an adventure early? No.
  • Does difficulty have any effect on adventuring? Only during Bounty Hunting.

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