If you make multiple payments or more of the amount required to earn a Limited Edition Soul Puppet, you will receive more than one, and thus, an increased chance of earning a Superb version of it.

For example, if a Limited Edition Soul Puppet is currently being given away with a $20.00 payment, you will receive two of them by donating $40.00 or $50.00, and 3 of them by donating $60.00 or $70.00, and so on.

Split Payments

If you do not pay the minimum amount of money required to earn a Limited Edition Soul Puppet in one payment, the system will send it to you automatically. A good example of this is paying 10 USD twice when the minimum payment required for a particular creature is 20 USD.

However, mistakes and bugs can always happen. If you feel you should have earned a reward and didn't receive it automatically, contact me right here for help. I can either solve the problem or clear up a misunderstanding.

Unsupported Split Rewards

The following rewards are not supported by split payments:

  • Bonus credit earned by buying larger amounts at a time.

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